Please Pray for the Philippines


I don’t care what type of blog you are or what beliefs you have, but please keep the Philippines in your prayers and thoughts

The Philippnes was hit by a super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hours ago. It is the strongest ever typhoon recorded in the WORLD!

Please. The Philippines is my homeland and many families of mine live there. As many other people’s families.

Donate to the Philippine Red Cross if you can.



So for ergonomic reasons and the fact that I can’t see 3D, I’ve recently gotten myself a 2DS.  This leaves me with this Blue Pokemon XY 3DSXL which I figured I’d give away since trying to sell it hasn’t proven very fruitful.

Specifically there’s the System itself, the box, the AR cards, a charger, and basically everything that came with the system other than the Club Nintendo code.

Rules are simple, you get two entries, one reblog and a like.  On November 9th I’ll dump the entries into an RNG and give it to the person who pops out.

If you’re following me I’ll throw in a $20 code of the Nintendo e-Shop as a bonus!

Have fun and good luck